A film by Seg Kirakossian

Shootings of the film “PURIFICATION” had clean documentary principle – no statement or request to repeat the action. The author captured the most interesting moments from the daily life of different people in different countries. But these shoots are loosing their primary meaning when they are edited one after each other – two different shots combined together get a new meaning in the film. So that’s why it’s called not documentary, but a poetic documentary.

The film is in late production – early post-production stages. 80 percent of the shootings are finished and 40 minutes out of 75 are edited as a rough cut. The rough cut will help the editor to understand exactly what the director wants to get from the current material. The film is expected to be published in the autumn of 2021.

Filming countries: Czech Republic, Armenia, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Italy, UK.

Purification can be compared with the following films:

  • Baraka – because it’s picturous, but in addition my film will have a stronger
    story line (full steps of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s journey”);
  • Koyaanisqatsi – because it also speaks about the dangerous tendencies of
    technological development in a poetic film language, but in my film it’s not
    about the dangers of the technologies , it’s more about dangers coming from
    and to man when the rapacity dominates;
  • Ashes and Snow – because it has a meditative style, but in my film that style
    is used with psychological breakdowns aiming for a social impact.

Total budget: 589,444 Euro
Secured/spent: 201,694 Euro
Pending: 347,750 Euro

Contact for cooperation: office@doctorcinema.org