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Open call for the Cognitive Project “Ecotourism in Armenia”


“My Color” Filmmaking 1 Month Course (Open Call)


Dear visitor

Welcome to our website!
We are a new-established organisation with an aim to promote filmmaking as a tool for social change in Armenia through the cooperation with national and international organizations. Thank You for taking Your time to visit our website and showing interest in our organization. We hope you will find here all the information you would like to know.

Seg Kirakossian
Head of Doctor Cinema NGO


Training Course “MovieDoc” in Armenia (2017)

TC "MovieDoc"
38 participants from Armenia, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Georgia, Belarus, Russian Federation and Greece, including 7 young people with autism, will gather in Yerevan to learn video making skills and usage of them in youth work.

TC “Youthification” in Switzerland (2016)

Youthification at Alps
30 participants coming from 15 countries took part in a Training Course “YOUTHIFCIATION” organized by SUBKULT. Doctor Cinema was the partner organisation from Armenia.


“My Color” Long Term Filmmaking Course

My Color
Long Term Filmmaking Course “My Color” gave 14 participants an opportunity to experience film directing and speaking up about the problems they are interested in.

About DoC

Doctor Cinema (DoC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2015.
The aims and the objectives of the organization are:

  • To promote intercultural dialogue in Armenia and the world between minority and majority groups;
  • To promote healthy lifestyle among young people;
  • To encourage the participation of youth in social-political processes;
  • To support young film workers’ initiations,
  • To implement social and scientific research on the films made in Armenia.

Areas of interests: Using the possibilities of audio-visual techniques we want to raise problems and find solutions in the ecological, social, educational, cultural, health, democracy, human rights’ and other spheres in Armenia.

Our mission is to support creating healthy society with the help of cinema.

Our motto is: Sensitive and Thoughtful Camera.

Future Plans

In 2017 we plan to organize several projects for deaf people (sign language translation of the European Convention of Human Rights, International Youth Exchange project for deaf and blind youngsters from Armenia and Switzerland in Zurich), long term film-making workshops for the youth of regional areas for speaking up about their problems and finding solutions for them. Another TC with a title “MovieDoc” will host Doctor Cinema in Armenia (approved by the Luxembourgish NA of Erasmus+) where out of 38 participants 7 will be people with autism.

We are open for cooperation with local NGOs aiming at solving the youngsters problems by empowering them with non-formal education skills, human rights protection tools and promotion of active participation in decision making process.