Purification (Poetic Documentary)

“Purification” is a full length poetic documentary film (non of the shots is staged) the shootings of which started in 2007 and took place in more than 10 countries.
The film is about humanity, existence, history and the future. People invented technologies, that made our life comfortable, joyful, but when the rapacity dominates man, the technological development and creativity become harmful for humanity and nature, questioning people’s future existence. It’s a film-alert from one side, to make people rethink about our priorities and beliefs, and a solution from another side, from the imagination of the author.
Stage: Late Production
 Produced and directed by: Seg Kirakossian

Documentary Film “A Family” (2018)

Stage: Post Production

Love can be painful, especially when you marry with a prisoner. Babies are everything what they have to cure their sore caused by the community. 7 year soothing process of this story will we finalized in 2018 with a 38 min. documentary film  “A Family” by Doctor Cinema.


Films and Demo Reels by Doctor Cinema

Documentary Filmmaking Educational Project “MY COLOR”

Report Videos from Doctor Cinema’s Projects

Cognitive-Promotional Project “Eco-tourism in Armenia”

Open Call for the TC “MovieDoc”

Doctor Cinema is pleased to announce an open call for Armenian participants for the Training Course “MovieDoc”.

Extended Deadline for participants from Luxembourg: 17th of March, 2016

Documentary Film-making Training Course “MovieDoc”

on Promotion of Human Rights Education

26 April (arrival) – 4 May (Departure), 2017

Dilijan, Armenia

In the current world full of challenges for democracy like refugee crises, conflicts, security issues and hate speech, young people are particularly vulnerable to social exclusion, instability and aggression. Democracy is not possible without equality and having the same access to the rights, that is still the case for many young people with disability or belonging to some minority groups. In this TC studying together real-life cases and successful examples of inclusion of young people with Autism, activism, learning theoretical background of impact of video tools will become base for the knowledge vital for youth worker. On the other side participants learning in the inclusive group will develop personal competence of leaving and working in the mixed group, which will be equally beneficiary for both – people with and without special needs. From the life skills all participants and particularly participants with special needs will develop autonomy, discipline, traveling and ability to communicate as part of the learning process by using appropriate means.

Participants will learn how to develop idea (script), shoot, edit and disseminate video tools of human rights education, inclusion and tolerance.

Participant countries: Luxembourg, France, Greece, Portugal, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Russia

The project is financed by Erasmus+:Youth in Action programme, National agency of Luxembourg.

Working Language: English


Please read the Infopack before filling in the application form: https://goo.gl/0c76fdw

Training Course “MovieDoc” in Armenia (2017)

In March 2017 Doctor Cinema will host a Training Course “Movie Doc” organized by the Foreign Student of Luxembourg and financed by the Erasmus+ Luxembourgish NA. 38 participants from Armenia, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Georgia, Belarus, Russian Federation and Greece, including 7 young people with autism, will gather in Yerevan to learn video making skills and usage of them in youth work. Besides the project will give opportunity for the people with fewer opportunities to socialize and get new skills, but it also will be a good opportunity for NGO workers to experience work with people with autism and organize new projects in their local communities for the specific target group.

TC “Youthification” in Switzerland (2016)

Date: September 9 – 17, 2016

Place: Leysin, Switzerland

Role of Doctor Cinema: Partner organization

30 participants coming from 15 countries took part in a Training Course “YOUTHIFCIATION” organized by SUBKULT. The main aim of the project was to empower young people to engage actively in youth organisations and develop their understanding of non-formal education. During 7 working days participants had a chance to clarify their opinion on Youth Work (Definition, Purpose, Core Values, Areas, Effective models) and the role of the youth worker in different processes, got familiar with Curriculum Development Model, Kolb Learning Cycle, also received electronical copies of manuals for Youth Workers (HANDBOOK- for facilitators, “Have Your Say!”). Participants also experienced different activities that can be useful for them while organizing new projects at local and international levels.

“The research has confirmed what I often hear – quite simply,

most people get involved because they are asked to”.

Kirby Swales, director at Renaisi

Detailed description of the day-by-day activities can be found at the official website of international exchange & mobility project YOUTHIFCIATION!

The project is funded by the Swiss Confederation, in particular the CH Foundation that represents the National Agency of Switzerland and the Helvetia Patria Jeunesse – Stiftung.

Additional information about the project you can find at Media Room, Learning Tools corner.

Seg Kirakossian

Founding president, Documentary film director.


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Got a profession of documentary film director at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography. Currently doing PhD at the same institute and making documentaries for the Public TV of Armenia. Directed films in Armenia, Turkey, Czech Republic. 3 years worked at Public Radio of Armenia as an Editor-journalist of the youth program “LyunSe”. From 2011 is a project manager at WIYU NGO, and from 2015 is the founding president of Doctor Cinema YNGO.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is (2008), Wandering in the Zahrad’s World (2011), Do You Need Me? (2014), We Just Wanted to Be Happy (2014), Free Trip Around the Sun (2016), Artist in a Science (2016).

Hripsime Atoyan

Founding member


Doctor Cinema NGO,
Yerevan, Armenia
Co-Founder/Project Coordinator, Ecological and Scientific Films/Projects Officer


Ecovillage NGO
Yerevan, Armenia
Project manager


2012- present
“Young Biologist Association” NGO
Yerevan, Armenia
Project development officer


Hohenheim University, Institute of Parasitology
Stuttgart, Germany


Foundation of restoration of Sevan trout stock and development for aquaculture
Yerevan, Armenia
Biologists, Ecologist


Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, B.Sc
2015- present
Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, MA